heres a magnet to the hd version, i recommend you watch before you read my un configured thoughts

the tragedy of growth

All About Lily Chou Chou is a frustrating rollercoaster of a movie but it's a trip worth going on. Every single character developes, and I wont say grow as not everyone exactly becomes ethically or morally wiser in real life, and this movie projects that. The filming in the beginning is super amateur in order to reflect even more on this super romanticized adolescense. Yuichi and Hoshino are the idealized amigos mejor adn talk about what boys do, girls, music, Hoshino's apparent milf mom, and their big trip to Okinawa funded by the robbing of a fat rich guy. And this Okinawa trip sets a peak in the attitude of the movie.

Here, the movie makes a real note that there is a before and after of this Okinawa trip. In Okinawa the boys both have near death experiences and witness the death of a tourist who committed suicide. illllllllllllll finsih laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr